Monday, September 20, 2010

Poi and Meditation - from Elliot

I write -

I decided two weekends ago that meditation by staying perfectly still was not for me and that I would start using various forms of movement to give my mind a break. While I almost always do this at shows when I dance my ass off, I can't wait to do my own form of meditation with my poi.

Love to you as always all the way from the East Coast,

Elliot writes -

poi is a great form of meditation. i've always found the same to be true with me... simply sitting and relaxing my mind in order to clear it isn't as effective for me as doing something. poi is an amazing tool for that, it's not like you really have to think too hard about what you're doing (unless you're trying to learn something new specifically) but gives your mind an outlet and something to lose focus on. for instance when i'm spinning i don't really think about the goings on of my life, other people, desires... anything. not even really what "move" or "trick" i'm doing... i let myself focus on the flow, and probably the most direct thoughts i have are about whether i'm pleased with the way it feels or disappointed. disappointed isn't really even the right word... it's more like i either like what i'm doing or what to try something different. the poi control themselves in a sense, they go where they want to with minimal interaction from you...

lol now that i got all profound and mysterious... i think you'll have much success using them for that purpose :)

Honoring the Divine Femine


Take a conscious breath -
In Out

Feel the steady heart that radiates into a glowing aura, enveloping my body -
A strong sensation of love for myself that germinates from my core.

Now feel my arms around you,
Your arms around me,
My head against your head,
Your head against mine.

Through an exothermic reaction between the exchange of our most purest and joyous energy, sparks of light form between our matter.

Now feel my cheek against your cheek,
Your cheek against mine.

Take a conscious breath -
Feel the wavelengths settle, relax, and sigh.

Bask in the afterglow.

At this convergence, our pathways have merged for a moment in time and space. With the recognition that out two pathways are different - some further along than others, this connection exists as a celebration of our ultimate journey for self love and love for others.

“Happy Burn-Day”.