Friday, February 26, 2010

Just the Jist

Carpe Diem.

I believe in the ability for a collective consciousness to have influence on the individual. The power of social connections and environment are unfathomable. In many instances, one's actions and attitudes are directly influenced by their environment. Some *lucky* individuals exist in such a supportive, conscious, and overall positive environment, what I will refer to as "the art house".

The art house offers many varieties of life. By living in this supportive environment, each individual offers many life enhancing thoughts and actions that better the collective. These fields pertain to the enjoyment and appreciation of activities such as,
- healthy diet
- exercise
- music
- dance
- art
- adventure
- nature
- literature
- community
- positive mentality

As a result of each individual's input, the art house as a collective stimulates the being and allows it to enjoy the infinity this world has to offer. The possibilities are endless and with the right collective consciousness, your support group can allow the individual to maximize the profits of being - Carpe Diem.

However, let's consider an individual beginning from scratch, from new. While one is knowledgeable of the existence of this type of environment, one has yet to find a group of individuals that actively practice the individual's ideal lifestyle. At this moment, this individual lacks a spiritual support group, an artistic or creative environment, and the structure of an educational system to stimulate the mind. Is the individual able to create this ideal lifestyle without support?

Here I aim to keep a journal - The Final Mission to the Heart of the Sun - where I will document my efforts as an individual to actively create an environment that mimics the mentality of the art house.