Monday, May 24, 2010

FInish what you started.

Recently I feel I have been slacking in the areas of body and movement. My poi practice has increasingly decreased as well as my running. I recognize that many fall into a similar pattern - the excitement of beginning something new, full of hopes and aspirations for developing skill and technique; however, it is easy to fall back. I recognize that I am falling into the same pattern I have in the past - a beginning with no finish.

A cure to ending this cycle is through inspiration. While it is important to me to spend time developing skills that I desire - it is equally important to research materials that will inspire me to continue to educate myself.

*>>Bridge between Movement and Meditation<<*
Sofiah Thom

Monday, May 10, 2010

Fits of Rage.

Never Satisfied.

I bought a burrito from a man on the street. Amongst other things he explained to me that life will go up, life will go down, and that you will constantly be searching for something, striving for something more. Is it a part of our human nature (or consumerist culture) to never be satisfied?

An analogy for this ideology is replicated through the idea of business. The success of a business requires an increase of profits annually. The accumulation of possessions and monies is endless - there is no ceiling. Stagnation is considered failure. The economy is never satisfied

Is this what the man was referring to - that no being is every truly content with his/her position in life?

Parts of me take this statement to be truly depressing - a feeling that I will be eternally incomplete. Was he suggesting to me to accept the fact and settle?

I believe somehow that this statement can be interpreted in a positive light, but I can't put my finger on it - probably because I'm in a bad head space right now - so I was hoping you guys could lend a hand *-_-*

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Beautiful People

Random Rab
11 yrs. of burning man
played with Street Car Tommy and Beats Antique, met at the Dragon's Den for free Saturday night show

Meg and Shawn
Shawn - (fukumup)
Meg -
"Portland - Come-n-See"
met at latin bar on Frenchmen while going to see Jazz at the Blue Nile with Mary Helfin and Ricky
check out

Job is to connect people, Burner of 13yrs
Positively glowing! Samba dancer
Berkeley, CA

Maria Scileppi
BM - Ashram Gallactica, which will most likely be at 7:30 and B
lives in Chicago, had animal furry hat with alpaca purse
had experiment where she kept a journal and made a point of meeting one person everyday -
Third year burner

Brandon Seils
First year burner
met at the Republic for Rusko and Big Gigantic
Dance all night

Monday, May 3, 2010

Jazz Fest 2010 - for my virtual memory

Friday (4/23) - Beats Antique (with Jake Zoe), Random Rab
Saturday (4/24) - Sidecar Tommy, Beats Antique
Thursday (4/29) - Rusko
Friday (4/30)- Earth, Wind and Fire, Pretty Lights, Dragon's Den
Saturday (5/1) - Pearl Jam, Jeff Beck, Rus, Ott, Bassnectar
Sunday (5/2) - Ottoman Park-Tree of Life, Funky Butt Revisited II ft. Big Sam Williams, Kirk Joseph, Terence Higgins w/ special guests tba

My Friend - Deadmau5

Are you receiving? Can you feel me?
The information That you're seeking
A sensation that is sneaking
Has you reaching For the ceiling
There's no fighting
The igniting
This reciting is inviting

All systems go out on the floor
This is what you came here for
I don't want to talk no more
My friend! My friend! My friend! My friend!

Now your mind is open
Your thoughts are flying
To the bounce thats amplifying
Taking form
As you're complying
Grab the notion
Carry on replying
Adopt tension
Embrace mention
True ascension
Feeds retention

All systems go out on the floor
This is what you came here for
I don't want to talk no more
My friend! My friend! My friend! My friend!