Saturday, February 4, 2012

From Josh Grai 2.04.12

Yesterday I went to Five Below (best chain store ever) to pick up new colorful tall socks and dancing/gifting gloves. While I was in there I met a little boy and girl named Sean and Lisa. They grabbed a toy and spilled a few on the ground, Sean says to Lisa, "we need to pick these up because we caused them to fall." I was so impressed I praised them and when their father came over I let him know t...hat he had two remarkable kids.

Next Lisa asked me "why do you have so many girls socks". I told her, "I wear them and they never match." Then I showed them the ones I was wearing. Which they seamed to like. Her response was, "but there is so much pink and boys don't wear pink." Before I could say anything Sean answered, "yes they do, I like pink." My response was that, "next to rainbows, pink is one of my favorite colors." It made both of them giggle.

After that Sean informed me that they were in there for Lisa's birthday and asked me to help them pick out a board game because they like to play them together before bed. Omg by this point I had truly fallen in love with these two little people. They are so precious.

So I continue on my way, I get to the register when Sean walks up to me and says, "hey look what I am getting." He shows me a pack of trading cards and they were remakes of the 1980's... Garbage Pail Kids. What? Shut the freak'in faucet off this kid is so cool. So we geeked out over that for a bit. He says he has a whole binder of the originals. So good.

That's when Dad and Lisa walked up, we exchanged pleasantries and I asked permission to give Lisa a birthday present. He said that was totally fine but not necessary. So I gave her a $10 gift card and told her it was for whatever her little heart desired. She squeaked and wanted to buy the stuffed animal she was holding with it. We all smiles said good bye and parted ways. I left feeling like I had one of the most purest of moments in my life. We can find the feeling of family even behind the eyes of a child whom we have just met. We just need to lead our lives with an open mind and love in our hearts.

What a magical experience and it was in a commercialized retail store. It official I LOVE MY LIFE.