Sunday, February 20, 2011

From Travis on DnB thingz

Hey whats up! Sorry I've been so busy lately... got a project due at 8am tomorrow and 2 flash web assignments, eek! Give me a call at 352 219 3620, might be easier :)

As for music, I only spin vinyl so I usually download mixes. For live shows - / thetradersden

For torrents..., torrentspy,, beatport (to buy), thepiratebay, itunes (to buy), dogs on acid is good... probably the biggest dnb forum... - lots of great stuff but you have to dig - in the music forum & pub, have to dig even more

Also the dubstep forums, I don't go on them but I can find them if you want me to

rapidshare, megaupload, etc...

private torrent trackers (have to find an invite, sorry I don't have any :( ... & is awesome (limited downloads)

Write down music you like from grooveshark & and search for it in google or a rapidshare-like site

I also use social networks... twitter/fb and watch what people post. Soundcloud is good for updates... I also do lots of harddrive exchanges. Also just finding music blogs and browsing through the circles of links. I'll try to find some other stuff for you when I have free time!

Hope this helps a bit! Take care!!!